Outdoor Advertising
Give poster distribution your first priority in the advertising budget.
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Campus bulletin boards produce the highest rate of repeat exposure, are the prime source of desirable information and the best way to communicate.
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Indoor Distribution Services
Promote your business, services, special event or recruit members for organizations.
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About Us

For over 20 years, Dr. Jamie’s Events Inc. has distributed promotional literature on a professional basis, and is readily available to professionally customize and deliver your successful advertising campaign.

Dr. Jamie's Events Inc can distribute your posters, flyers, brochures, and other advertising materials, helping you avoid expensive mistakes. Distribution by anyone less than experienced professionals is potentially disastrous.

What We Offer

Why our company?

Specific Locations

I can easily have your custom campaign's materials distributed to specific locations.


I have over 20 years of experience in the business of advertising and flyer distribution.


My very reliable service is the reason why clients have used my services for almost 20 years.


More people are now walking, or biking to work, thereby making poster distribution a very effective method of advertising.

What We Offer

Our Services


Poster distribution on prime downtown locations.


Advertising on campus locations with maximum and repetitive exposure.


Distribution of smaller sized ads that are placed in people's views.


Pedestrian And Vehicle Counts

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What Clients Say

Hart House, University of Toronto Dr. Jamie's Events is a perfect fit for one of our most important advertising mediums: posters. The excellent job Dr. Jamie did postering the UofT campus has convinced us to hire him for our recurring poster runs throughout the school year.
Ontario Federation of Labour Thanks to Dr. Jamie's postering company for hitting the downtown core and campuses with our Day of Action posters. Toronto never looked better.
Aaron Rosen - Echo Advertising & Marketing Inc. DR. Jamies Events is a very reliable source for aggressive, guerilla style communication strategies. Jamie is very hands on and I always trust he will get the job done properly and on time and budget. His personal style and approach to his business is second to none! He cares about what he does and always makes you happy. A trusted source, definitely!!!
Hart House Theatre We have been using Dr. Jamie’s Postering Distribution service for over ten years. The price is right, the service is reliable and we often hear from our audiences
– “Gee! Your posters are everywhere!”
Caryma Sa'd I want to commend you on your job with my posters. Many people online have noticed, which was a nice boost for the campaign. I will definitely use your services again, and recommend you to anyone who will listen.
The Loose Moose Hey Jamie, Thanks for the great job, we are seeing posters all over town and a definite uptick in business. We really appreciate the work.