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JAMIE’S EVENTS is in unique position, because staff delivers The University of Toronto’s posters and flyers, and while distributing their advertising material they also distribute other clients’ materials. And when doing this, security will us into the dorms. UofT is Canada’s largest campus. DR Jamie Events complies with all relevant campus regulations when launching a postering campaign.

Some departments insist that you use tacks to attach posters, and will have prominently posted signs announcing this. Other campuses are handed the material and some even require you to wait while the material by stamped for approval. This delivers results, saves you money and reduces teardowns.

Most campus boards are in the busiest locations, they are various sizes and usually made of cork board. The displays have been designed to offer the opportunity to poster and distribute literature. They provide advertisers with a unique opportunity to reach the student market in central high-traffic areas on campus and offer new prospective consumers daily.

Students, faculty, staff, parents and visitors must pass by the campus boards on the way to their lectures, the campus bookstores, pub, student center, libraries, classes and when heading into residence. This generates multiple exposures for high frequency.

Attaching posters to bulletin board surfaces in the campus buildings is much slower than attaching them to street poles or hoardings, because of the number of buildings, traveling distances and motions involved.

On Campus Distribution

Maximum And Repetitive Exposure

On Campus

ON CAMPUS POSTER DISTRIBUTION is a great investment and cost-effective marketing. Campus bulletin boards produce the highest rate of repeat exposure, are the prime source of desirable information and the best way to communicate. Poster boards offer deeper penetration and longer advertising life than conventional ads. A standard 11 x 17 poster is like a mini-billboard.

DR. JAMIE’S EVENTS rates are very reasonable, for advertising on prime campus locations with maximum and repetitive exposure, covering all of the campuses, where both full and part time students are enrolled. Postcard and flyer drops in student halls is available, along with postering student halls.

For campus media, look no farther than Dr. Jamie’s Events.