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Most frequent questions and answers

You simply drop off your printed materials, and we will distribute them around your target markets.

Distribution generally begins the next business day.

The prices vary with the size and quantity of your advertising materials. I suggest budgeting for a three week campaign.

Generally, The City cleans off the message boards once a week. Campus and indoor displayed material generally have a life span of two  or more weeks. That’s why it’s necessary to have a maintenance program to ensure that your printed material remains visible.

No. I offer distribution services, and I’m very good at it.

No. Please see the previous answer.

Absolutely, you sure can! You can call 416-666-7521 or leave an online message and I will personally return your call.

No, letterbox distribution is not offered. But other indoor distribution services are available.

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Advertising Terms

You calculate cost per thousand by taking the total cost of the advertising dividing is by number of impressions and times 1000. (CPM = cost/impressions x 1000).

The most effective advertising is what people see every day.

The viability of any media services to communicate the relative advertised message to many consumers.

Cost-effectiveness of your media buy based on Cost per Thousand (CPM) and Cost per Point (CPP).

The effectiveness of your advertising will also be hugely affected by the quality of your graphics, which I’m willing to share my 20+ years of experience with.

A count of persons with at least one impression. 1 GRP = a number of impressions equal to 1% of the universe. 100 GRPs = a number of gross impressions equal to the size of the universe.

Gross rating points are a measure of the impact by a campaign using a specific medium or schedule. It quantifies impressions as a percentage of the target population, multiplied by frequency. This percentage may be greater, or in fact much greater, than 100.

I consider lead time to be the time between the amount of time taken between order confirmation and order start date

All outdoor advertising media campaigns that are specifically intended to reach consumers outside the home.

The date when an advertising campaign is scheduled to start.