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Give poster distribution your first priority in the advertising budget, because postering wins hands-down, for most purposes, there is NO COMPARISON to any other media.

Dr. Jamie's Event’s distribution rates are reasonably priced, considering that you'll be advertising on prime downtown locations with maximum and repetitive exposure.

Posters are placed onto poster/hoarding boards, displayed on poles along major streets, posted at major intersections and distributed randomly throughout other locations. Placing your posters perpendicular to the viewers’ path, where hundreds or thousands of people can see them hourly. Which is a much greater number of views than indoor postering can offer.


The Best Possible Visibility



A maintenance program must take place in order to replace any posters that may have been removed, covered or defaced. To ensure the best possible visibility, the posters are maintained

Your printed and advertising material does represent a substantial investment and to have it distributed, placed and maintained by anything less than an experienced professional is not only wasteful, but potentially disastrous. 


Our general distribution areas are church St to Dufferin St and Bloor St to Front St. But, custom postering locations are no problem, and will likely be an extra fee. Targeted postering is also available.

Research shows, over 65% of the attendance comes directly from the poster campaign. With the remainder coming from more expensive forms of advertising. Because of this, our regular clients wouldn’t consider promoting an event without a poster campaign.